Spiritual and Emotional Healing

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Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Broken Wings is about YOU. Many times during life, our inner feelings may be in conflict with our external environment and we can feel out of balance, or even, lost. Spiritual healing can clarify what is real and what is illusion. This can empower people to move forward, beyond the temporary confusion, and enjoy a greater tranquillity and quality of life.

As we make our way through every single day, we can “collect” energy. This “energy” hangs around and “clutters” our own energy, making it more difficult for us to be “in-touch” with our true selves. Spiritual healing refers to the process of “clearing” this clutter and “healing” the imprint it has left.

Spiritual healing works via energy transfer. Hence it does not require a face-to-face interaction. This means that, I can give you healing, no matter where you are in the World. It works just as well when given to animals.

Because I have training in conventional medicine (I am a Pharmacist), complementary medicine (5-element theory, natural therapies, homeopathy, Bach flowers) as well as spiritual healing (energy healing, Reiki, claircognizance), I am in a strong position to help you with your healing.

Broken Wings Centre aims to be a place where you can receive quality healthcare, in the way YOU want. It is a centre that is totally “patient-focussed” where you can receive care from a number of modalities; conventional, complementary,  or spiritual. Optimal wellbeing and quality of life is best-achieved by listening to your inner self and embracing the aspect of healthcare you are guided to.