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Rescue Remedy

Edward Bach was a Physician in the early part of the 20th century. He believed, like many of today’s doctors, that the attitude of the mind plays a significant role in recovering from illness or trauma and maintaining health. He believed health to be “the complete and full union between soul, mind and body.” His book “Heal Thyself” gives the message that “physical disease is the result of being at odds with one’s spiritual purpose”. He developed 38 remedies to support the patient’s fight against illness, by addressing the emotional factors. They have no interactions with other treatments. They can be safely used by people of all ages and can also assist animals and plants. They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned. Therefore, remedies cannot be chosen on physical symptoms , but on the emotions stirred in the individual. They work by stimulating the individual’s potential for self-healing, transforming negative attitudes into positive ones, allowing the physical system to be fully engaged in fighting the disease and stress. 

There are seven groups of remedies. These groups represent fundamental conflicts that prevent us from being true to ourselves.; 

      • Fear 
      • Uncertainty 
      • Insufficient interest in the present circumstances 
      • Loneliness 
      • Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas 
      • Despondency or despair 
      • Over-care for the welfare of others. 

Within each group, there is a number of remedies. When initially trying to choose remedies, it can appear that a great number of the remedies apply. Try to concentrate on your feelings at this moment in time. This should help narrow the choice. Note the negative states the remedy is recommended for AS WELL AS the positive potential for each remedy. You may also be drawn to a remedy that indicates your personality type eg agrimony for cheerful person. You may be in a cheerful state of mind as well as a cheerful person. Then look deeper, to what is behind that front. If you pick a wrong remedy, it will, simply, not have any effect. As you move through the states of healing, you may need a different combination, or you may not need to take the remedies any longer. 

Rescue Remedy is a special remedy, developed to treat trauma, shock, strong fear, terror or for a stressful event eg exam etc It is an emergency remedy. It is a combination of five remedies (Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis). It is not sold in combination with any other remedies, only as a remedy on it’s own. 

The other remedies can be purchased in groups of EIGHT or less. These can be combined into one treatment bottle.


Aspen: Aspen can be indicated for when one is seized by sudden fears or worries for no specific reason eg inexplicable anxiety, sense of foreboding or for the fear when woken from a nightmare. 

Key words: Unexplained fears and worries, Apprehensive, Nervous and anxious. 

Positive Potential: State of security, fearlessness and peace. Welcome new experiences. 

Cherry Plum: Cherry Plum can be indicated when one is feeling about to explode, at the end of their tether, maybe becoming hysterical or abusive. If necessary, this situation may need the help of a good therapist. 

Keywords: Fear of losing control of behaviour, sudden outbursts of rage. 

Positive Potential: A calm mind able to think rationally. 

Mimulus: Mimulus can be indicated for use by shy, timid, sensitive people who may suffer from nervous laughter , stammering, blushing etc. People who have fears they can name. 

Keywords: Fear of a known things eg heights 

Positive Potential: A quiet courage, able to stand up for themselves and enjoy life without fear. 

Red Chestnut: Red Chestnut can be indicated for people who have a self-less over concern for the welfare of others that they care about. Eg that a child may fall. They may also worry about other people’s problems. 

Keywords: Fear, anxiety and over-concern for others. 

Positive Potential: The ability to care for others with compassion without anxiety. To give help when asked but not to force it on others. 

Rock Rose: Rock Rose can be indicated for people in a state of frozen fear or hopelessness . It may also be used for night terrors. 

Keywords: Terror, frozen fear 

Positive Potential: A sense of courage and presence of mind, remaining calm


Cerato: Cerato can be indicated for people who constantly seek advice and confirmation from others because they do not trust their own judgement. 

Keywords: Doubt your own judgement and ability 

Positive Potential: Become quietly self-assured and decisive allowing them to find and follow their true vocation. 

Gentian: Gentian can be indicated for people who are easily discouraged and get depressed or disheartened by small setbacks. They can always identify the cause of the depression. 

Keywords: Easily discouraged, despondency, hesitant 

Positive Potential: The realisation that there is no such thing as failure, when you are doing your best. Conviction that any difficulty will be overcome. 

Gorse: Gorse can be indicated for people who have lost all hope and given up the fight, when they feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. This is extreme hopelessness, despair. 

Keywords: Hopelessness, despair, pessimism 

Positive Potential: The patient , feeling brighter and happier, can use the illness as a positive experience. A restored sense of faith and hope are apparent. 

Hornbeam: Hornbeam can be indicated for lack of enthusiasm due to mental weariness. Sleep is not refreshing. Commonly called “Mondayitis” when one doubts their ability to get through the day, feeling overworked and stale with a lack of variety in life. 

Keywords: Procrastination. Monday-it is 

Positive Potential: A lively mind, vitality, restored spontaneity, ability to face the day ahead with energy and a clear head, properly balanced with play. 

Scleranthus: Scleranthus can be indicated for people who jump about in conversation, lack balance, and who’s moods swing up and down between extremes eg optimism/pessimism, laughing/crying, making decisions very difficult. 

Keywords: Uncertainty, hesitancy, indecision

Positive Potential: A sense of certainty, decisiveness and balance, making quick decisions and acting promptly. 

Wild Oat: Wild Oat can be indicated for people who, despite their ambitions and talents, lack clear direction. They may become easily bored and unsettled as they drift between choices. They may become frustrated with life passing them by. 

Keywords: Uncertainty as to correct path 

Positive Potential: A clear picture with positive ideas and the ability to decide upon one’s true path. 


Chestnut Bud: Chestnut Bud may be indicated for the person who continues to make the same mistakes, over and over, failing to progress through life. Instead of learning from mistakes, they try to forget them. 

Keywords: Failure to learn from past mistakes, Repeating old patterns 

Positive Potential: The ability to learn from every experience, gaining knowledge and wisdom to move forward. Some may even observe and learn from others. 

Clematis: Clematis may be indicated for people who live in “their own little world”. They can be considered apathetic, in that they yearn for happier times, but make no effort to bring them to fruition. They lack concentration and have poor memory, lacking energy and appearing absent-minded. 

Keywords: Lack of interest in the present, day-dreamer 

Positive Potential: A sense of enjoyment in life and opening to inspiration guiding them to fulfil their potential, giving them a sense of purpose. 

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle can be indicated for people who tend to live in the past, in a state of homesickness or nostalgia. Their constant bringing up the past blocks their ability to alter their present. 

Keywords: Dwells in the past, homesickness, nostalgia 

Positive Potential: Living in the present and seeing the past as a valuable experience that provided lessons for today. 

Mustard: Mustard can be indicated for people who suffer from sudden-onset depression that descends out of the blue (like a cold, dark fog) and lifts, just as suddenly, for no apparent reason.

Keywords: unexplained deep gloom 

Positive Potential: A sense of inner stability and peace bringing the return of joy. 

Olive: Olive can be indicated for those suffering exhaustion of the mind and the body, to the point of tears. Everything is an effort and they no longer take pleasure in work or leisure. 

Keywords: Lack of energy, exhaustion 

Positive Potential: Restoration of strength and vitality allowing the person to maintain their own reserves. 

White Chestnut: White Chestnut can be indicated for those suffering from incessant, worrying thoughts going round and round. It may help people who re-live unhappy events over and over in their mind. Often used for mind chatter. 

Keywords: Unwanted thoughts and worries, mental arguments 

Positive Potential: A state of peace of mind, with a clear head allowing problem-solving and trust in a positive outcome. 

Wild Rose: Wild Rose can be indicated for those who a resigned to an unpleasant situation. They are not actually unhappy and they make no effort to alter their circumstances. They tend to be dull company, lacking energy and ambition. 

Keywords: Bored, apathy, resigned 

Positive Potential: An acceptance of responsibility for their own circumstances and using their initiative to make changes. Ambition and a sense of purpose may result. A lively interest in life develops.


Heather: Heather can be indicated for those who are totally preoccupied with their own lives, showing no interest in the lives of others. They drive others away with their intense neediness. 

Keywords: Self-absorbed, dislike being alone, talkative 

Positive Potential: The ability to put their own suffering to good use by empathising with others, becoming a good listener who is generous in helping and understanding others. 

Impatiens: Impatiens can be indicated for those that are impatient, get frustrated and irritated by those who aren’t as efficient, are independent and hate wasting time. 

Keywords: Impatient, easily irritated 

Positive Potential: Decisive and spontaneous person who is less hasty in thought and action. They are more relaxed and good-humoured, coping calmly and diplomatically with irritating situations. 

Water Violet: Water Violet can be indicated for people who are knowledgeable, calm and capable that appear gentle, self-reliant and to have a sense of superiority. They are usually private and will withdraw into themselves when they are tired or ther is too much external “noise”. They have difficulty opening up and can appear cold. 

Keywords: Aloof, proud, prefer to be alone 

Positive Potential: A sense of calm, serenity, dignity and empathy with others. They are happy to help others. Warmer relationships develop. 






Agrimony: Agrimony can be indicated for people who appear carefree and fun-loving, but behind the façade are anxieties and worries. They dislike being alone and ignore the darker side of life, preferring to make light of issues and seek company as distractions. 

Keywords: Present a cheerful face to hide problems 

Positive Potential: A genuine cheerfulness with the ability to communicate their real feelings openly and accept life has it’s less pleasant side. 

Centaury: Centaury can be indicated for people who find it hard to say no, they become heavily imposed upon. They are anxious to please and do the “right thing”. 

Keywords: Weak-willed, easily led, difficulty saying no, anxious to please. 

Positive Potential: Being in touch with their own wants/needs and follow their path with determination and energy, without the need of the opinions of others. An ability to express and defend their own opinions and mixing well with others. 

Holly: Holly can be indicated for people who find it difficult to open their hearts to love, possibly from insecurity, envy, jealousy and hatred. They often feel anger in general. 

Keywords: Envy, jealousy, suspicion. Hatred 

Positive Potential: A generous-hearted, loving, compassionate, loveable person who is willing to share and to celebrate the success of others. 

Walnut: Walnut can be indicted for people with definite ideals and ambitions, who are held back the influence of a stronger personality or restrictive circumstances. It is the remedy to assist in navigating major life changes. It provides constancy and protection from the influence of others. 

Keywords: Protection from the influence of others, major changes. 

Positive Potential: The ability to move forward steadfastly, to make the necessary changes in life and to see through plans despite the opinions of others. 


Crab Apple: Crab Apple can be indicated as a “cleanser” for the mind and body for those who feel unclean or suffer from a poor body image. 

Keywords: Poor self-image, embarrassment of physical features, sense of uncleanliness 

Positive Potential: As they accept themselves and their imperfections, they develop a positive self-image and are relaxed about their looks and their environment. 

Elm: Elm can be indicated when people who are usually competent and capable, feel overwhelmed by their workload/responsibilities and become despondent. They can doubt their abilities and feel depressed and exhausted. 

Keywords: Overwhelmed and burdened by responsibility 

Positive Potential: The restoration of one’s normal, capable personality and the return of efficiency and self-esteem. 

Larch: Larch can be indicated for those who lack confidence, especially to the extent they won’t try because they are sure they will fail. Also good for those lacking confidence before an exam, interview etc 

Keywords: Lack self-confidence, inferiority 

Positive Potential: Ability to take the initiative, take risks, and use their critical facilities sensibly. A realistic sense of self-esteem, unworried about success or failure and determination develop.

Oak: Oak can be indicated for people who, despite the waning of their inner strength, continue to keep going , driven by a strong sense of duty. They plod on obstinately, despite their fatigue. 

Keywords; Driven by strong sense of duty, struggles on despite exhaustion 

Pine: Pine can be indicated for people who blame themselves for other’s mistakes and anything that goes wrong. They feel undeserving and unworthy. 

Keywords: Guilt, self-reproach, blame yourself for other’s mistakes. 

Positive Potential: A sense of acceptance and respect of self with realistically sound judgements. 

Star Of Bethlehem: Star of Bethlehem can be indicated for the effects of shock, even for the delayed effects which may manifest years later. Good for mother and baby, immediately after birth. 

Keywords: Effects of shock, grief, or fright 

Positive Potential: Neutralisation of the effects of shock, allowing the sufferer to recuperate. 

Sweet Chestnut: Sweet Chestnut can be indicated for the agonising mental anguish and despair of those who have reached the limit of their endurance, eg in deep sorrow. May feel on the point of a nervous breakdown. 

Keywords: At the limits of endurance, extreme mental anguish, despair 

Positive Potential: Optimism, peace of mind, recovery of faith. 

Willow: Willow can be indicated for people who are resentful or bitter. They may suffer self-pity. They may feel as though they are always short-changed in life. 

Keywords: resentment, self-pity (“poor me”) 

Positive Potential: By being able to forgive and forget seeming injustices and enjoy life they move from being victims to being in control of their own destiny. 


Beech: Beech can be indicated for people who have a strong sense of their superiority, are judgemental, are intolerant of other’s shortcomings and unable to make allowances. 

Keywords: Critical, intolerant of others 

Positive Potential: A sense of tolerance and compassion develops, allowing the person to see the good in others, despite their imperfections. 

Chicory: Chicory can be indicated for strong-willed people who expect others to conform to their values. It can be used for overly-possessive people and those, whose care for others, is self-centred and manipulative. 

Keywords: Possessive, expect others to conform to your values, over-protective 

Positive Potential: A genuine maternal love develops with a feeling of fulfilment and self-worth, that no longer needs the assurance of other people that they are worthy. They can be kind, warm, sensitive and caring while still allowing the other person to live their own lives. 

Rock Water: The only remedy, not from a flower, but a healing spring, Rock Water can be indicated for people who set very high standards and stick rigidly to them 

Keywords: Infexible, setting yourself very high standards, self-denial. 

Positive Potential: To have the ability to maintain high ideals with a flexible mind. Willingness to change their minds when convinced of a greater truth. 

Vervain: Vervain can be indicated for those with fixed principles and ideas they believe to be right. They put everything into everything they undertake. Usually determined and over-achieving, their minds race ahead, causing them to push beyond their physical limits. 

Keywords: Over-enthusiastic, fixed ideas and principles. 

Positive Potential: A person who is calm, tolerant, able to relax and has a broad view of life. They can still have strong views but can change them when appropriate, and no longer feel the need to impose them on others. 

Vine: Vine can be indicated for people who know better than everyone else, put people down, override the wishes and opinions of others, bully and dominate. 

Keywords: Strong-willed with a tendency to be domineering, inflexible. 

Positive Potential: Determination without domination. An ability to see the good in others. Guide and encourage without controlling them.