About Broken Wings

My Healing Method

The way I do my healings is evolving continuously. I am guided by some lovely Spiritual Guides that work closely with me. They always deliver what is needed (this is not always what we want). A healing can be you simply lying on a healing table, while I channel healing energy into your soul, clearing any old energy away and replenishing you with the loving energy from God and the Spiritual Realm. It could be that you get more of a Spiritual Reading, giving you guidance on things that need clearing, steps you need to take etc

For those of you who have never had anything like this before, I will try and tell you a bit more about it. Remember though, that each healing is tailored to your needs at that time. Your needs are decided by the Spiritual Beings that are guarded with the care of you and the guidance of your experience as a human. A healing where you just relax on the healing table, is just like that. You lie on the table (similar to a massage table) and just relax. You may, or may not, feel anything during the process. Because a healing alters your energy (soul, spirit) it does have an after-effect. For up to 3 days, you can feel a bit up and down as your energy (soul, spirit) readjusts to its new state. After that, though, you may feel there has been a change eg you may feel lighter, you may find yourself smiling a lot more, you may just feel calm. Everyone is individual and every healing is unique so I can only give some examples.

Physical health issues are something I have been asked about. All health issues have an energetic base that, if not cleared at this level, do manifest into the physical. I have healed some physical issues on some people, and on other people, that hasn’t happened. It appears that, if the dis-ease is part of  destined path your and life lessons, then I can only assist in how you deal with the situation (I cannot affect the outcome). However, if it is something that has occurred as a result of you being in the wrong place, then it appears, it can be energetically healed. 

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are NATURAL remedies discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the early 20th Century. They work on an energetic level, restoring balance your natural self (Spiritually speaking). They don’t have any interactions with other medication – the only issue with them, is alcohol has been used to extract the essence from the flowers. They are  remedies you can select to heal yourself, or you may choose to have an appointment with a Practitioner to choose a remedy. I am expecting stock soon and then Bach Flower Remedies will be available from me. Contact me on the contact page for further information.

Healing Hands
Bach Flower Remedies

Broken Wings

Broken Wings is about TOTAL HEALING. My dream is to bring together (under one roof) a total healing centre that encompasses spiritual healing (many modalities eg emotional, colour, crystal, reiki, vibrational, etc), natural (eg Bach flowers, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, counselling etc), conventional (ie pharmacy and doctors). The idea is for them all to work together to achieve the best result for the client/patient. None of these modalities can succeed alone, especially in our changing World that is more aware. However, if they work together with the sole aim being “the best outcome for the client/patient”, then miracles can happen.