Healings with Healing Hands


 Healing Hands connects, through her Guides, to your energy. This means you do not have to come to her in Katikati for a healing. She has training in a number of modalities including some Eastern therapies and Reiki. She uses what she is guided to, and does what needs to be done. Sometimes, her healing comes more in the form of words and sometimes, silently, in energy transfer. Often, in the course of a healing, information comes through. This is passed on to you, as it is received. 

Everything in life, the good, the bad, are all born from energy. When allowed, energy imbalances can manifest into the physical. Energy healing can rectify imbalances in the energy and this may help heal imbalances that have manifested into the physical. 

To receive a healing with Healing Hands, request a booking and pay via the website. Healing Hands will contact you, via email, text or phone to book an appropriate time. She charges $60 per hour. 

To have a reading with Dragon’s Eye, you can request a booking time and pay via the website. He will contact you via email or text to confirm a time that suits both of you. The reading can happen via video messenger, text, telephone or in person. (He is based in Katikati). His charge is $60 for the first hour. Any further time is at a rate discussed with him. 

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